The Problem

Recently there has been debates in congress about budget cuts in education.  If lawmakers decide to approve the proposal it could mean tuition increases, less scholarship opportunities, loss of faculty members, and program losses at Universities. Since the last recession, our economic system has been decreasing fast and not only is our education system suffering from it, our country is as well.  As budget cuts are made, tuition increases more and more leading to less students being able to pay for college and less getting a higher education. As tuition continues to increase, students are left to take out more loans which will mean them having a bigger debt and a harder time paying them all off after college. As we can see, budget cuts directly affect college students as well as college Universities. We must try to figure out ways of reducing this trouble and help get ourselves through college. To read a bit more about the problem click here.

Articles In The News

Negotiating The College Finding Labyrinth, an article by Claudio Sanchez discussing how students are “in the dark” about college loans and where they are coming from. He talks with a few students in an interview as he finds out that many do not realize how much debt they are heading for.

Read or listen to story.

Obama Pushes Low-Rate Student Loans, Wooing Young. This article talks about how Obama visited some college towns like North Carolina, Iowa, and Colorado to talk about student debt and how he would like to change it. As Obama talks with the colleges he reveals a bit about his own past of student debt and college experience.

Read the article.

Student Loan Debt Exceeds One Trillion Dollars. President Obama wants Congress to extend the 2007 College Cost Reduction and Access Act, which would freeze interest rates on subsidized Stafford student loans for one year. In this article Melissa Block speaks with Mark Kantrowitz, a student loan expert and publisher of for a primer on student loans and repayments.

Read or listen.

The Problem Is Occurring Almost In Every State, Here Are A Few

Kentucky-Here is an article about Eli Capilouto discussing the budget cut in Kentucky from Steve Beshear and how it will effect the University of Kentucky. Click Here to read the article.

Florida-Here is a news article about the budget cuts in Florida and how it may effect the Universities. Click here to read the article.

Texas-Here is an article about budget cuts happening in Texas. Click here to read this article.


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