Pros and Cons


*Yearly Cost Increases

-College tuition costs are generally higher each year, meaning more money coming from your pockets.

*Higher Student Loan Debt              

-Although there’s a six-month grace period after you graduate, you’ll have to pay back your student loans. Higher tuition means that if you don’t pay anything while you’re in school, the amount you pay back will be higher.


-If tuition continues to increase, students would be  more discouraged to go on to College. Even with grants and other kinds of scholarships, students still will have a lot to pay for.


*Better Staff and Faculty

-To ensure that your college is staffed with good professors and good people, the administration needs to pay them properly.


-Typically if a student is paying a great deal of money for something, they will be much more likely to take it serious and appreciate it.

*Possibly Better Buildings and Classroom Equipment

-With better equipment and buildings, it could increase the amount to experience as well as knowledge that students are receiving.



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